Saturday, November 24, 2012

18/7/12 (Aunt Thrizz', Ate Crislyn's, and my best friend Jessica's natal day)

Today is my sleeping day after three consecutive night duties. Thank God i'm not that drained unlike yesterday (3 patients did a chorus and we had of them was really restless, as in hyper...she can't hear so she can't control her voice volume; worse, she talked energy's all zapped out!)

i slept in the morning and woke up for lunch. Lucky me, poink poink is the viand. so i just drank milo and ate loaf bread, and prepared to go out; today is the deadline for the payment for Enrolled Nurse examination. i thank God for our manager is very supportive of me, he quickly handed me the original letter to be presented during payment and the money and as usual, he reminded (or requested?with the word 'please' eh) me to pass the exam once and for all. God knows well^^

i waited for Bus 124 for 21minutes...well, patience is a virtue... and National Kidney Foundation building, here i come...the small-spaced lobby of Singapore Nursing Board was full of people when i arrived, but i finished paying in less than 10minutes...and i felt better when i exchanged smiles with an Indian lady who was processing something.^^

after paying, i went down to 4th floor (from 8th floor) to see and pray for the auditorium where i will be sitting for exam next week. i can't see any auditorium when i got there, just gym equipments and a carpeted corridor lined with doors (like hotel rooms) that i dared not to step on it, haha. so i asked a lady, who's waiting for the lift, if where's the auditorium. She then said it's at level 2 and she's going there; i went with her. Inside the lift, she asked if i'm going to attend the seminar. i smiled, shook my head and told her that i just want to check my exam venue. she then give me an apologetic look and said that there's a mini-auditorium at level 4 among the rooms. Joy lift-ride haha! maybe the folks at level 4 noticed i'm lost hahaha...

i walked out of the building with a light heart, thanking God for making things easy for me. then i remembered that i have to buy the prescribed pencil (4B) for the exam. i remembered i accompanied a church friend one time in a nearby plaza where i saw a school supply store, so i looked for that plaza; it's just some meters away, i realized. After buying pencils, eraser, and transparent envelope, i decided to go to Toa Payoh Fairprice to do my grocery. As i pass by an escalator going down, something tells me to look to where it's leading..and lo, right below is a Fairprice grocery store. Praise God! He provides! No need for me to expend money, time and energy going to another town.
Kapamilya, guess what's inside the white plastic bag?^^ -MILK TEA for you....
i toured the grocery store looking for good stuffs to send to Philippines. Milk tea, checked!^^ and i bought apples, oranges, papaya, banana, tomatoes, and yoghurt for my stock.

just a thought, i think the color of they day today is - YELLOW. Dunno, just noticed haha...

everything fell perfectly into their right places for me! i'm so joyous! i can't stop praising and thanking God! i remember what i read yesterday from the Patriarchs and Prophets when God provided a ram for sacrifice instead of Isaac, and Abraham called the place Jehovah-Jireh!


Resurrection: A hope

We always say that we all are destined to return to dust. Death/dying is one of the most terrifying thoughts in the world. Many people ask, "What's next after death?" Our Lord Jesus, through His Word, assures us of a great hope. I copied the following from Doug Batchelor's book entitled The Truth About Mary Magdalene (p. 36):

It is interesting to note that the seven resurrections associated with Jesus seem to happen in order and with increasing drama and power.

  • First, there was the little girl who had only been dead a few hours (Mark 5:35-43).
  • Then there was the young man who was being carried off for burial (Luke 7:12-16).
  • Next was the miracle of Lazarus ressurection; he had been dead four days (John 11).
  • Then the miracle of Jesus' rising, which was accompanied by the resurrection of many saints around Jerusalem; they had been dead for years (Matthew 27:51-53).
  • Next will be the dead in Christ, who rise when He comes in glory (1 Thessalonians 4:16).
  • The final resurrection will include the largest number ever. The lost of all ages will be raised for judgment and punishment at the conclusion of the 1,000 years (Revelation 20:5).

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life Walk is an Action

Walking is one of my most favorite activities...and i love it even more if with a company.^^ Aside from working out my cells, my pupils enjoy dilating and constricting with the complicated environment...

The old line says, "Walking is the best exercise." One may walk slowly or briskly. Like life, there are times when we have to move fast but  most of the time should be a slow-paced, enjoyed, and reflected walk.

As i scanned my picture documents, i realized i have an active (as in a-c-t-i-o-n) life (hmmm, before?)... and i miss my former activities...:(

I miss (co-)leading some activities like these:

Eat more vegetables!
Children's Ministry
I'm so fond of cute, cuddly kids... There smiles and pouts are just so heart-melting. If only i could put a fence around them just to ensure they are safe and secured, and not be led astray someday...but we have to face the fact that we all grow and we all have free will. However, i strongly believe that childhood is the best time to mold the character. Like a wet cement, life lessons can be imprinted into their fresh and young hearts and minds (but as teachers, always think of capital I-ntegrity). I started joining the ministry by leading in the singing of short choruses...and kids do love actions (aside from humming) going restless during action songs. They love to explore and learn new things. So i tried sharing stories...and i was on my teens that time (i'm supposed to belong to junior class...thought i'm old already eh...;p). And yes, i was still on my later when i saw mommies handling the cradle roll + primary classes, God prompted me to gather the earliteens for a junior class. my class was just small, comprising of at least 3-5 regular students...but i love it so much...because i can relate with them...(o well, talk about puberty changes, about crushes, and all...)... We had a lot of fun - sharing personal testimonies, learning and singing songs, having reflections, having quizzes + awards for the highest pointers, visiting other churches and singing for the Lord and the brethren, taking part in Sabbath School service with dramas and messages in songs, learning how to play piano, inviting friends, complimenting each other with warm fuzzies/complimentary circle, and a lot more... i REALLY MISS all these...and i'm so happy to know that my best friend cousin (who was one of my diligent junior students) is continuing such God's work. keep up, Shea Sagpaey! you're in my prayers: Mark Juneiry Madarang (pianist), Ruth Cristine Banglot, Marnie Banglot, Emil, Dave Celoy, Marty Siloy, Henry Eugene Pedro, Melgazzar, Kristia Tanelon, Abel Tanelon, Nathan Libangan, Salem Jeru Tao-ey, and others... i love my best friend sisters whom i teamed up with to lead our adings: Meriva Pedro-Evangelista, Alynejoy Libangan, Jether Abaya-Abogado...
READ YOUR BIBLE, pray everyday...

...and you GROW, GROW, GROW...

SHARING is a good virtue.

 Health Ministry
As a health care giver, God (through the nominating committee) gave me the privilege to work with and for Him as the assistant chairman for the ministry for the year 2010 (my mommy Anselma Zarate is the chairman). Eager to use the knowledge and skills i learned and fueled with youthful dreams, i drafted an action plan and presented to Mommy Ansing, who is a nurse-entrepreneur and a strong health advocate. When the church board saw the physical fitness part, they agreed that we have to start immediately. (By the way, some plans were patterned according to the Conference's program; i was volunteering at the Mountain Provinces Mission that time so i had access).

On February 28, 2010,  as abruptly agreed upon on Sabbath afternoon, we started our physical fitness program with a trek from LTSDA Church to Tam-awan Village. We're only few (because it's the Panagbenga float parade that day and many brothers and sisters went to the city to witness the grand event) - Mommy Ansing, Dad Perfecto, Pastor Aliester, Marty, Frizz, and i. After a prayer, we walked up to Cogcoga.

Walking with Jesus, walking everyday, all along the way...
Along the journey, there are parts where there's no trail that we have to make our own. Indeed, like life, the road's not always clear and smooth; but as long as we focus on one goal - JESUS - we will always be guided to the right track. Going uphill may be one of the hardest things to do but once we reach the top, we can see clearly what lies below (beneath what we'd been through)..we can see the beauty and the odd things...then we begin to reflect on and appreciate things... As King Solomon says, God makes everything beautiful in His time...^^
hmm, from youngest to oldest?^^

walk up and sweat!

nature's melody is better than that in the earphone?^^

shanties on the other side of the mountain

follow the leader...

praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

rock formations atop the mountain

rising sun...

terrific site!

La Trinidad vale

Marty's calling for the wind...

close up view of the makeshift shanties

In life journey, we should always have and drink the WATER of LIFE...

Quarry site

more mountains getting bald

Pico view

Thank You, Lord, for this water..gulp!


nipa hut

God's our Rock, our Refuge! (hmm, the wise man builds his house upon the rock?)^^

side seeing heha^^

stone-nipa house

dying pine tree with Baguio City as backdrop

going home

we're near!
 After enjoying a three-four hour hike, we reached Mommy Ansing's house at Tam-awan where healthy and invigorating munchies are waiting for us.
Dad Perfecto: YES! We survived!

Ptr. Kim: See, no need for this...^^

Frizz: i still can climb the stairs...

yummy boiled sweet potatoes (camote), bananas, and squash

Marty's counting the eyes of the juicy pineapple^^

Ahhh, it feels so good to sit after hours of walking...

Thank You, Lord, for these foodsssss...AMEN!

Yellow fruits are good for the eyesight^^
The sumptuous meal really filled us up (imagine those fibers ;p). Then we had a short devotional service. Fueled with the carbohydrates we consumed, we decided to continue walking going to the city proper. With foods on hand (take-out service haha), we headed to the main highway and followed it. The happy sun scorched us but we managed to reach Burnham Park where millions of people from the different parts of the world flocked (and so their trash, argh). Aspiring government officials scattered around campaigning. Everybody's amazed with the luxuriously designed floral floats.
marigolds brighten the lake

i love the tigrrrrrrrrr...

ms loren legarda
March 28, 2010-  After a month, we organized another physical fitness activity - jogging at BSU. As early as 7am, we (Dad Nestor, Mom Ansing, Ptr. Aliester, and i) met, prayed, ran and walked around the university oval. Some young university cadet officers even joined me (assuming i'm as young as them? hahak...thank you...;p). i will forever cherish such activities. i commend such brethren who support programs and services, as well as themselves..^^

warming up....

La Trinidad Seventh-Day Adventist Church


I. Conference- and Mission-wide
January 28-30
Abundant Living Seminar
AIIAS Auditorium
All Health Professionals
February 18-22
Medical Outreach
General Santos City
Mrs. Wood and company, Volunteers
April 14-15
Health Certification
Health Professionals and All Interested
August 16-18
Health Leaders
October 21-24
All Interested
November 15-20
4th Health Professionals Convention & Quest
Jakarta, Indonesia
Health Professionals
December 1
National AIDS Day

December 8-11
Healthy Lifestyle Festival

II. Local Church
Health Lectures
LTSDA Church
Health Ministries Department and All Interested
Blood Letting Donations (Advocacy)
All Concerned
Home/Hospital Visits
All Concerned
Health Club Prayer Band/Regeneration Christ-Centered Support Group Ministry
All Concerned
Contribution of Health Articles to Publications

All Interested
Lending Library of Health-Related Articles
LTSDA Church
All Interested
LOVE BOXES for the Underprivileged
LTSDA Church
All Concerned
February 28 and every Sunday
Jogging and Physical Fitness Activities (i.e. Charobix)
BSU grounds
Joggers/Fitness Club and all interested
Nutrition and Cooking Class I
LTSDA Church
All Interested
Distribution of Health Planner
LTSDA Church
Health Ministries Department
LTSDA Church
Health Ministries Department and All Interested



Nutrition and Cooking Class II
LTSDA Church
All Interested

Health Concert
LTSDA Church
All Interested



National Health Reminders:
January- Autism Consciousness Week                                           June- Dengue Awareness Month                                                     October- National Children’s Month
                -National Cancer Week                                                                       -No Smoking Month                                                                            -Breast Cancer Awareness Week
February- Heart Month                                                                                       -National Kidney Month                                                                    -Elderly Filipino Week
                -Dental Health Month                                                                         -Prostate Cancer Awareness Month                                                                -National Newborn Screening Week
                -Responsible Parenthood Campaign                                                                -World Environment Day                                                                   -World/National Mental Health Week
                -National Health Insurance Program Month                                   -World Blood Donor Day                                                                   -World Sight Day
                -Leprosy Control Week                                                                      -DOH Anniversary                                                                              -Bright Child Week-Phase II
March- Responsible Parenthood Campaign                                                    -Organ & Blood Donation Week                                                       -Health Education Week
                -Colon & Rectal cancer Awareness Month                                     -National TB Awareness Month                                                       -Osteoporosis Awareness Week
                -Women’s Health Month                                                                   -Sight-saving Month                                                                           -Food Safety Awareness Week
                -World TB Day                                                                                     -Family Planning Month                                                                     -Filariasis Awareness Month
                -Women with Disabilities Day                                                           -Lung Cancer Awareness Month                                                      -Cancer Pain Awareness Month
                -Rabies Awareness Month                                                                July- National Disability Prevention & Rehabilitation Week                        -National Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
                -Burn Injury Prevention Month                                                         -National Diabetes Awareness Week                                                               Disorder Week
April- Cancer in Children Anatomy Month                                                     -Nutrition Month                                                                                 -Bone & Joint Awareness Week
                -World Health Day                                                                              -National Blood Donors’ Month                                       November- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
                -Bright Child Week-Phase I                                                                -National Disaster Consciousness Month                                                      Awareness Day
May- National Family Planning Month                                            August- White Cane Safety Day                                                                      -Deaf Awareness Week
                -Cervical Cancer Awareness Month                                                 -National Lung Month                                                                        -Substance Abuse Prevention Week
                -World Asthma Day                                                                            -Brain Attack Awareness Week                                                        -World Diabetes Day
                -Safe Motherhood Week                                                                    -World Breastfeeding Week                                                              -Traditional & Alternative Health Care Mo.
                -AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day                                                     -Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Week                           -Campaign on VAWC
                -Healthy Workplace Week                                                                 -National Hospital Week                                                                    -National Food Fortification Day
                -World No Tobacco Day                                                                    -Asthma Week                                                                     December- Firecracker Injury Prevention Campaign
                                                                                                                September- Generics Awareness Month                                                         -World AIDS Day
-          Liver Cancer Awareness Month                                               -Health Emergency Week
-          National Epilepsy Awareness Week                                        -National Youth Health Day
-          Obesity Prevention and Awareness Week
-          World Heart Day